Sunday, July 24, 2011

Don't Love This: Borders Liquidates

I visited Borders shortly after 6:00 pm on Friday, July 22.

Today's event: Liquidation! And everything's on sale!


But prepare for a bit of a wait....

Hope you don't need to look something up on the computer...

...or get a drink or snack while you shop.

Kids and Bargain sections are a mess...

...and the History section is being plundered.

It was a madhouse and I didn't buy anything since Kids and Teens books were only 10% off. I considered myself lucky just to get out of the overcrowded lot! Even Christmas crowds were never like this at Borders.

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  1. @Rebecca It's very sad! I kept thinking, "Where were all you people before?" I'm losing one of my favorite hangouts! :(

  2. This makes me sad. There won't be any bookstores in my area anymore if Borders liquidates here too... except the used bookstore. :-(

  3. @WildIrishRose33 I'm afraid they're all closing. There was talk of Books-A-Million buying 30 stores, but they never reached a deal.