Wednesday, November 2, 2011

CD Reviews:
Spoiler Alert by Rel Paul

I'd like to share my newest CD review for

Spoiler Alert by Rel Paul.

I'm extra excited about this one! Spoiler Alert has become pretty special for me.  It was my first experience listening to a rap/hip hop album from start to finish.  And it's 20 songs deep so it clocks in at just under 80 minutes of music! I love it, and I can't wait until the physical copy I ordered arrives in the mail!

Click through on the CD cover to hip hop over to to read my review.  Thanks!

Rel Paul - Spoiler Alert
4.5 stars

By the way, you can buy this CD right now as an Amazon MP3 purchase for $8.99! Wanna try one track? I recommend my favorite, "Crescendo of the Heart." is a terrific site, full of Christian music (and book) reviews and news.  Each week, you can stream an entire album!  If you're interested, click on the logo below to learn more!

I have been asked to join the Album Review Staff at, the #1-ranked Christian music website.
Each month I'll be writing two or three reviews for them.
(Note: I will still be posting book reviews, etc., here on Read Love.)

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